Här kan du få tips på intressanta föreläsningar, seminarium och konferenser inom biogasområdet.

Biogas Syd Nätverksträff med studiebesök biokol - 26 augusti i Helsingborg

Biogas Syd nätverksträff i Helsingborg – 26 augusti! Med studiebesök på kompetenscentrum biokol på NSR.

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Nordic Biogas Conference - 3 till 6 oktober i Linköping

4-5 oktober i Linköping med studiebesök mm på dagarna innan och efteråt.

The Nordic Biogas Conference is held in Linköping, Sweden, 4-5 of October 2022 with a reception in the evening on the 3rd and study visits on the 6th. It is a great opportunity to meet companies, researchers and public organizations involved in development of biogas solutions in the Nordic countries and beyond.

This is the eigth time the conference will be held. About 400 people will learn about and discuss latest developments in the field of biogas. A special emphasis will be on the role that the Nordic model for biogas solutions play in addressing the grand challenges of humanity, thereby increasing the relevance of biogas solutions to a wider audience.

The conference will consist of plenary and parallel sessions with leading representatives from companies, the academy and public organisations, a reception, conference dinner, an exhibition space, research poster conference, vehicle exhibition, study visits and ample opportunities for networking.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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European Biogas Conference 2022, 25-26 oktober i Bryssel.

The European Commission’s RePowerEU communication is a decisive step towards the rapid development of our industry in Europe. Our sector is set to deploy 35 bcm of sustainable biomethane by 2030, including 3.5 bcm more by the end of this year. By doing this, we would replace 20% of the current gas imports coming from Russia. The increase in biomethane production will also help us reduce waste, increase food security, and support the transition to agroecology in our farms.

The huge potential of the renewable gas sector becomes more apparent year after year. Combined biogas and biomethane production in 2020 amounted to 191 TWh. The industry is scaling-up and it could cover up to 30-40% of the EU gas consumption by 2050, with an estimated production volume of at least 1,000 TWh. Yet, the sector will need relevant legislative support and investments in the coming years to harness its full potential.

Close cooperation between the European Commission, EU Member States and the whole biogas and biomethane value chain is required in this crucial moment. The European Biogas Conference 2022 will provide the opportunity to discuss some of the most relevant topics for our industry:

  • What is the role of our sector in the future energy system?
  • Are there enough feedstocks to produce sustainable biomethane?
  • How can we accelerate the investment in the biomethane value chain?
  • What is missing to have a performant renewable gas system in Europe?

The EBA Conference 2022 will put particular emphasis on showcasing the scalability of biogas and biomethane discussing with policy-makers, industry representatives, market experts and researchers active in the implementation of the energy transition and the circular economy.

Get the chance to learn the development trends of the biogas and biomethane industries and engage in the discussions that will shape the future of our sector.

Key topics for discussion

  • National perspectives on the implementation of REPowerEU and National energy and climate plans (NECPs)
  • Decarbonising the EU economy, transport, and building
  • Investing in the biomethane value chain
  • Driving the energy and agroecological transition
  • Developing circular solutions and innovations

Arrangör är European Biogas Association, EBA

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